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Online Personal Training

To get started, scheduled a consultation call for online training. This is where we will decide the right direction for you. From there you can do 2 things: 


In-person(90 minutes) or online(60 minutes) assessment.  With online training, you will receive a discount for your assessment.  An assessment gives us an idea of where to start and how to get to where we want to be.  This will help with programming and exercise selection.

The App

You will have access to the training app where you will see your program, reps, sets, rest, notes, etc. We have over 2,000 instructional exercise videos to make sure things are custom for everyone's unique body and goal.

Communication and Feedback

You have access to quick communication and feedback via the app or social media. When anything needs to be adjusted or modified, it can happen quickly. Questions are always welcomed.

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