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Improve Tissue Quality
Unlock Training Potential


Quality Matters

With quality tissue comes quality movements. Using soft tissue massage, trigger point release, fascia therapy, and more, we can improve the contracting and connective tissues which will open up potential for better movements.


System of Methods

My manual therapy principle is a comprehensive system of soft tissue assessment, treatment, and training. With higher education in anatomy and physiology, we use massage to identify and improve tissue. This is followed by advance mobility training to sustain sensitivity and mobility.


Soft-Tissue Technique

A collection of education and certification gives us the tools we may need for treatment and training.

  • Functional Range Release

  • Fascia Therapy

  • Cupping


  • Trigger Point Release

  • Sports Massage


The Purpose

  • Decrease tension

  • Improve mobility

  • Improve range of motion of strength training

  • Increase recovery

  • Prepare body for practice or game or event

  • To treat yourself

Book a complimentary 
consultation to know what
kind of treatment 

or if it will work for you.

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